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Why every kid should have an Apple after school

I saw this advertisement in an old magazine in my garage.  Below is a transcript of the text in the ad.  1985 copy writing.

Today, there are more Apples in schools than any other computer.

Unfortunately, there are still more kids in schools than Apples.

So innocent youngsters (like your own) may have to fend off packs of bully nerds to get some time on a computer.

Which is why it makes good sense to buy them an Apple IIc Personal Computer of their very own.

The IIc is just like the leading computer in eduction, the Apple IIe.  Only smaller.  About the size of a three-ring notebook, to be exact.

Of course, since the IIc is the legitimate offspring of the IIe, it can access the world’s largest library of educational software.  Everything from Stickybear Shapes for preschoolers to SAT test preparation programs for college hopefuls.

In fact, the IIc can run over 10,000 programs in all.  More than a few of which you might be interested in yourself.

For example, 3-in-1 integrated business software.  Home accounting and tax programs.  Diet and fitness programs.

Not to mention fun programs for the whole family.  Like “Genetic Mapping” and “Enzyme Kinetics”.

And the Apple IIc comes complete with most everything you need to start computer in one box.

Including a free 4-diskette course to teach you how – when your kids get tired of your questions.

As well as a long list of built-in features that would add about $800 to the cost of a smaller-minded computer.

128K of internal memory – twice the power of the average office computer.

A built-in half-high 140K disk drive that could drive up the price of a less-senior machine considerably.

And built-in electronics for adding accessories like a printer, a modem, an AppleMouse or an extra disk drive when the time comes.

So while your children’s shoe sizes and appetites continue to grow at an alarming rate, there’s one thing you know can keep up with them.  Their Apple IIc.  To learn more about it, visit any authorized Apple dealer.  Or talk to your own computer experts.  As soon as they get home from school.

  • obathos

    I’m pretty sure I first started seeing this ad in a Family Computing Magazine late ’83. At the time it truly dazzled me – wow, talk about focused advertising. Except I ended up buying the C-64 instead. IBM sold me on a very similar computer desk however. By the spring of ’84 I was in PC heaven!

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  • Anonymous

    My favorite phrase in this entire ad is “fend off packs of bully nerds”

  • http://twitter.com/Almost60Really Paula Lee Bright

    What a nice piece of nostalgia! I typed my first bad novel on an Apple iie! Thanks for the memories…

  • Anpastijn

    OMG, 128K built in memory! I don’t know if I can contain myself!

    An Apple was the first computer I used. My uncle had one and I remember using the paint program to make flashing pictures on the screen.

    I have fond memories of it and the awesome commercial in 1984 (?).

  • Davism12

    Hey Jon – I came across your site because I am going to use this ad in a school project. My professor is requiring that we give the name of the publication that the ad was printed in – do you know what magazine this ad came from (Time, Newsweek, etc)? And even better, do you have the month?

    Thanks a lot! :)

    • Anonymous

      I’ll see if I can find it again in our garage and I’ll let you know.

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