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Entrepreneur Survival Guide – Be Part Of The Solution

You might have heard it before:
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  That phrase is always top of mind for me.  Whether it’s a customer issue, an employee issue, or even an issue with a business partner: I always need to be part of a solution.  Maybe it’s because I’m a problem solver.  Maybe it’s because I like things to work like a well oiled machine.  I do know one thing:

It’s a key to survival for all entrepreneurs.
Egos, burnout, lack of money, different sets of talents, and the constant stress that comes along with starting up new ventures gets amplified with each person who isn’t currently being part of the solution.  If there’s coffee to be made, the coffee should get made without anyone having to bring up “roles and responsibilities”.

Lines in the sand
can and should be drawn when the time is right.  Most startups
fail before 3 years, and one of the key reasons for that is failed partnerships. At first things seem fine and dandy, because everyone agrees on the idea.  However, things can get hairy down the road.

Successful businesses are pushed to completion
by the investors, financiers, contractors, and entrepreneurs that built them.  Talented teams understand that it takes everything you’ve got to make it happen.  Everyone on that team is necessary to survival.

You are all part of the solution.