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Learning to change your business

Conferences, teleconferences, webinars, seminars, and summits.
If you are reading this article, then you more than likely have been to at least one of the above in the last year.  But why did you attend, either in person or virtually?  Was it the networking?  The parties?  A free trip on behalf of your business?

What did you learn that will change the way you do business?
This was a question asked of me recently during a conference by one of the speakers.  I said I wasn’t sure yet, but the fact that social media links get indexed in Google faster than any other method was making me curious to learn more.  However, looking back on it, that question changed the way I approached the rest of the conference.

Sure, I was there to learn.
However, during the last 2 days, my notes changed.  My categories went from “things to check out later” and “great quotes” to “Immediate TODO” and “Long Term TODO”.  I was  listening for something completely different.  I was letting the conference speak to me about what it was I was going to do different when I got back.

Now I have my action plan.
In the following weeks, I’ll be working with my team to execute that plan, and I am sure that it will change our business.  The tools and techniques that I learned will change our business.  We will get more click-throughs, and we will increase our conversion rates.  It will result in more revenue.

So, next time you attend something, remind yourself to listen for the answer to this question:

What am I going to learn to do different, in order to improve my business?

(Thanks Chris!)