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Ideas colliding in the ether need an idea coach.

Every time we have a good idea, someone else is having that same idea.  Often I’m sure that 3 or more people are sharing the exact same idea at the exact same time. These ideas just normally collide out in the ether. Let’s face it, people are great at coming up with new ideas, and not so great at turning them into reality.

Maybe ideas need a reality coach.
Personal trainers help their clients improve their exercise techniques and provide motivation and support.  Life coaches help clients determine and achieve personal goals.   Why isn’t there a coach to nurture ideas?

Most people just need a little push.
Alexander Graham Bell’s father encouraged his son’s interest in speech.  A fellow telegrapher and inventor named Franklin Leonard Pope supported Thomas Edison and let him live in his home in New Jersey.  Later in life, Edison promised $50,000 to Nikola Tesla to push him to succeed in making improvements to his DC generation plants.   Even brilliant people need a supporting cast.

I urge you to build a support group.
Surround yourself with positive people who will push you.  In turn, push them back.  Start that self published book.  Finish that self published book.  Start speaking publicly.  Hold that event.  Invest in that ipod application.  Finish that blog post.   Help others finish everything that’s left undone.  As a group, collectively finish one thing a week.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

  • edwardbenson

    Edison never paid Tesla though.. Kind of a bad example :)

    • http://houseofbrew.wordpress.com houseofbrew


      I have received a few blasts about the Tesla example, and quite possibly my wording of “a little push” is what is driving the passionate responses (mostly via twitter). In no way do I think what Edison did was “right”, but because of this Tesla found himself digging ditches for the Edison company. During that time, he focused on his AC polyphase system. I guess it was a big push, but right or wrong, it was a pivotal turning point that took his ideas to reality.

  • http://www.astramatch.com/blog Pemo

    You are right on the money, ideas come out of the Collective Unconscious at around the same time through certain minds/people. You are also right on the money, get yourself a coach to develop a plan & move forward into action. I’m a certificated life & business coach and vouch for the results both when I am being coached & when I coach others. Well worth the investment in yourself & your ideas! You can contact me at my blog http://www.ezebis.com for a complementary first session done via skype or phone.

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