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Leadership – Nurturing Mother or Strict Father


Leadership is important in 21st century business.
It’s so important, that we have to challenge ourselves in what we believe vs. what we have traditionally been taught about how to manage a company.   There is one hell of a line between managing a company and leading a company.  If we get stuck too far on what we’ve “traditionally” been taught about management, we’ll end up worrying about making good factory workers: people that are becoming more and more irrelevant.

In religion, parenting, and government style
there are 2 defined models. We can call it law vs. gospel, strict father vs. nuturing mother, and left vs. right.  Traditional management of a company seems to rely very much on the strict father model.  We have performed poorly this quarter.  I would give us a D if this were a report card.  We need to get a C at minimum each quarter, but I expect more.  You will get fired if you don’t meet my expectations.  We must do better: or else.

Leadership with good leaders on the other hand
seem to understand that most people respond to positive reinforcement.  This may just be a characteristic of the people who are early adopters to this future style of company running.  Or, is it the right thing to do once you have harvested the right types of employees?  If given the choice, do you want to hire a group of people who constantly need scolding?  Wouldn’t you rather be in charge of a group of people who do the right thing with the right type of encouragement and leadership?

We can no longer run factories.
This is clear.  We must stop asking our employees to stand in line.  We are not an assembly line.  We need thinkers, dreamers, and believers.  We need people who understand that nothing starts until a sale is made.  Then, it continues by focusing on the customer.

So I ask you: Can you survive in 21st century business with 20th century tactics like negative reinforcement?  I would love to hear your comments.

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