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Bankers are in the business of selling suits

Seriously; Think about it:

All bankers wear suits.
I heard they even make little suit pajamas that they sleep in. And the crazy thing is that we feel compelled to dress up when we interact with bankers. They must have a close partnership with suit makers, growing rich from the royalties of the Suit & Hat Makers United Coalition.

Whether they are on the buying side or the selling side,
they influence everyone around them to dress up. Somehow, they have the power to control your dress code (at least until late December of 2012, right?)

For those of you who know me all too well, I’m not a big fan of dressing up for business. Don’t get me wrong however; I enjoy clothes other than t-shirts, shorts, or jeans: when the colder Wisconsin weather is upon us. For years now I’ve been over analyzing why I feel so compelled to wear a t-shirt when a suit coat is in order, or white socks with my dress shoes.  In some situations, it’s my subtle way to stick out.

It’s a self-imposed handicap?
When I’m doing my thing, I want the attention to be on the wisdom that is flowing from my brain, out of my mouth, and into your ears. I’m confident in what I do.   I don’t want you to be impressed with my suit.  I don’t want you checking to see if my socks match my shoes to compliment my pants.

If you dress to impress, I have no disrespect.
But the next time you’re getting cleaned up for a big business transaction ask yourself this question:
“am I good enough to do this in jeans and a t-shirt?”
If the answer is no,

become the best at what you’re doing, or quit and do something else.