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4 ways Social Media can help schools right now

We all love doing things that make us feel good.
In the past few months, I’ve seen and met people in the Social Media community that are doing great things for great causes.  Whether anyone realizes it, there is a ton of social currency being banked and spent, just in Milwaukee and it’s surrounding areas.

So how can us Social Media folks help out schools right now?
For more background on this, you can check on an article by Jeff Sherman on onMilwaukee. Basically, Kohl’s is giving away 10 million bucks;  $500,000 per school for schools that have the most people voting for them on a facebook app.  You have to “like” Kohls before you get to vote, the voting is a bit clumsy, but I”m sure all of you reading this would be capable of voting.   I’m specifically asking you to help me help St. Marcus Lutheran School (link direct to Facebook App here.)

St. Marcus School is a Christian, Milwaukee Choice School specializing in college prep. studies.
They do amazing things there.  I’ve seen many of them.  They take kids without structure and provide a structured, rigorous, no-nonsense, no excuses, college preparatory school.  St. Marcus is 1.5 million dollars short of breaking ground on an addition to their school, which will allow more kids this opportunity.  They are currently full-to-the-gills with 420 students.

I love St. Marcus because in short, the school believes there is no excuse for failure.
If you need to hear more than just me, take a look at this Fox6 video, this About Us page, or watch this incredible video on YouTube.  Time is running out, as this Kohl’s event is over soon.  The time to act is now.  Social Media lovers, time to round each other up!   Please help in the following ways:

1.  Just Vote.
Even if you just vote with this link: http://bit.ly/9nJKmG, you’ll be helping.

2. Tell Others.
Retweet, email, facebook, text.  Whatever your communication preference, please spread the word about helping St. Marcus Lutheran School touch more inner city youth.

3. Give up one blog post.
For anyone who has a blog:  Please consider blogging over the next few days to help spread this message.  Use your influence to make a difference.

4. Use your influence, and find others of influence.
I believe that we can make a difference.  Help influence others to step up, use your email lists, get behind this, and share in my passion.

Make a difference for a school that believes that failure is never an option.  These kids need St. Marcus, and more kids need the opportunity to attend St. Marcus.