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This is twitter

I love to tweet,
and chances are good that you do too.  I’m on twitter as soon as I wake up, as I go to bed, and any time I can during the day.  I’ve met an incredible bunch of new people via twitter and even traveled the country to attend social media related events.  Twitter works as a networking tool.

Engagement is a word
that’s used often during the course of a day on twitter.  Maybe it’s overused, but I take this as a sign that many people want to talk, and few people want to be talked at. We get angry when brands act like bots and want us to follow them.  All it does is clog up our twitter stream with the same ads we are trying to avoid.

Do you talk at brands
who you hope are on twitter?  I find myself asking them questions, complaining about problems, and giving them props when something was done correctly.  When a brand talks WITH you, instead of AT you, a special connection is made.  As a great example, I have been staying at the Xona Resort Suites over the Christmas break with my family.  On the drive down I tweeted that I was looking forward to my visit.  Soon I was in a conversation with @xonaresort about my upcoming stay. I was being emotionally connected with the resort.

I know there is a person
behind the twitter account of @xonaresort and not some automated marketing bot.  They are doing a fantastic job of talking WITH, instead of talking AT. I even exchanged tweets after normal business hours, which tells me someone is taking their role seriously.  Let this be a lesson: If you’re asked to put your company on twitter, make sure you’re ready to talk to people.  Don’t just sign up for the account, hootsuite schedule some spam, and add the graphic “Follow us on twitter” to your company website.

Can we please have a “Talk with us on Twitter” graphic for 2011?

  • http://www.villageadsseo.com Tim Biden

    You got it. There are too many companies that want followers but never interact with them. All they do is spew company facts and garbage at their followers, then when the followers don’t convert to sales they say that Twitter doesn’t work. It’s not twitter, it’s them!

    “Talk with us on Twitter” is the right approach. Let’s see if we can make that logo happen!

  • Bradley

    Awesome! I have some people with corporate and nonprofit accounts to share this with.

  • http://www.terametric.com Taariq Lewis

    Love this post. Yes, Twitter is real-time conversations, which makes calculating the ROI on harder because conversations are not transactions. However, conversations should help folks to move toward transactions. Firms that can do that will make Twitter an easy marketing platform.

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  • http://womeninbusinessradio.com Michele Price

    Yes, funny we have been telling big business this for years. now we are askign them to do it on another platform. Question is will they “get it”

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