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Social Media Manager – Busting through silos

I was picking the brain of a friend
who holds the role of the “social media manager” in his organization. When I asked him what this means he started out explaining:

“When someone complains on twitter,
I get involved to make sure I make the situation right.”.
Me: “Oh, so you’re in customer service?”
Him: “No, we have a customer service department…”.
Me: “ok, so what else?”

“I search on twitter for certain keywords,
that people are tweeting and then let them know about us and our current specials.”
Me: “Oh, so you’re in sales then?”
Him: “Oh no, we have a sales department…”.
Me: “Ok, so what else?”

“I try to build up our twitter following
and then engage with people and help build a voice for our brand.”
Me: “Oh, so you’re in marketing?”
Him: “Well, not exactly…we have a marketing department…”.

At first, I thought about going on a rant about how terrible this was.

I mean, think about: it’s like having a phone in the center of an office that makes inbound and outbound calls and there’s only one person allowed to use it. They can’t transfer the call, and no matter what that communication is about..they have to handle it.  Silly, isn’t it?

I hate silos and i hate things that aren’t logical.
So, why don’t I hate this?  Because it’s a glimpse into the future of all business.  No, we aren’t going to be a bunch of people tethered to cell phones (although Microsoft would like to make us think so with their new commercials).  Our future holds for us a business blueprint where actual skills are used, and not just skills that belong to one department or another.

We are no longer factory workers.  We do not need the structure of the past.  Let the digital revolution begin.  For real.