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The #custserv mumble heard around the world.

I hate publicly complaining.
In fact, I’m on of those guys that won’t even send my steak back if it’s too dry.  I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  But the other day I accidentally complained on Twitter.

I say accidentally complained
because it wasn’t meant for the entire world. I was at the local oil change place that I have been going to for years, and could overhear the technicians complaining how terrible I was for not realizing how dry my oil tank was. They also talked about how terrible of an idea it was to be driving around with a crack in my windshield and didn’t I know how stupid that was?

I could hear them
and I know everyone sitting next to me was hearing them as well. I felt embarrassed. I could feel my face getting red as everyone stared at my piece of shit red car, and then at me.  Then it happened.

I heard Scott Stratten’s voice:
“On a stage…”  I was already tweeting. I blurted out what was in my head at that moment. I was publicly complaining.  No big deal, right?  But then my mentions alert went off like crazy.

My complaint got retweeted.
And another retweet, and then retweets of retweets. My subconscious mumble had now reached over 100,000 people.  Something I rarely do – alert someone who can make a difference about the dissatisfaction I’m having with their product, service, or overall experience just hit a whole lot of twitter users.  Even if 1% of those people actually read what I said, this was much more of an impact than I could have made with a MEGAPHONE outside of the building.

It’s been 4 days, and nothing.
I’m not sure what has surprised me more:  The fact that my small mumble reached so many people or the fact that neither the company in question nor it’s competitors have spoken a word to me.  Maybe it’s part of the plan; maybe they aren’t active on Twitter; maybe they just aren’t good listeners.   So, I leave you with the thought provoking, comment inducing question:

Are you listening to your customers, and more importantly: are you listening to your competitors customers?

  • http://twitter.com/JustinFlitter Justin Flitter

    Hi Jonathan
    If a tree falls in someone else’s forest does it still make a sound? Well in this instance for this oil change company the answer is no.

    I would love for you to contact the CEO of this company and share this story with them. The realization might flick the lightbulbs on or they still might not care, either way it showcases a great example.

    Nice one


    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the idea. This has made me consider writing a letter to the CEO of both companies in question to share my story with them.

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  • http://twitter.com/Brainzooming Mike Brown

    Recently Jonathan, I tweeted a frustration with Budget Car Rentals on an unexpected charge. By that evening I was contacted by a social media specialist at the company who asked me to forward the receipts so the issue could be resolved.

    They did a great job of listening and responding in a very positive way, so it is being done, and probably more frequently over time. Certainly though not every company is listening yet! My current stellar example of listening is the Mall of America, who appears to be doing a great job of it: http://brainzooming.com/?p=5124



    • Anonymous

      I love that more and more companies “get it” and are listening. A big pet peeve of mine is the 1/4 page “ad” on a site that says FOLLOW US ON THE TWITTER, yet they are only collecting followers, and neither interacting nor listening at all. Thanks for the link to the Mall of America – great story.

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