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Entrepreneur Survival Guide – Everyone needs to grind

Avoiding burn out
is one of the hardest things to do when you’re starting a new venture.  If you’re in the middle of a few other ventures, have kids, a full time job, travel, and volunteer your time to other organizations, you are most likely burning the candle from both ends.  So how do you avoid it?

Partners in ventures
can either help or hurt your cause.  If you and your partners all are in the mode of grinding, multitudes of work can happen in a short period of time.  As long as you’re supporting each other, the daily and evening and weekend grinding is a little less difficult because you’re all sharing in that journey. But more times than not, you find yourself asking:

Can’t we all just grind?
Whatever you do – don’t allow one partner in the party to be the full time grinder – especially if it’s YOU.  This will build resentment, and eventually will cause friction.  Chances are your group will get use to depending on that one source of grind, and when you/he/she falls down in a state of fury or exhaustion, many balls will be dropped.

So who’s tired?
I’m sure a few people reading this post have had this same thing happen to them in the past, or may be currently experiencing it.  Maybe you’re experiencing the tired grind on your own.  Just know this:  if you chose the right partners, everything will work itself out.  All the grinding may not be simultaneous, but if you are communicating with each other, someone will be there to pass the baton to when you really need it.

You’re not alone.  There’s alot of us out there feeling the wear of the grind.

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