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Did you just add a QR Code in an email

QR Code in an emailIt’s happening: QR Codes are everywhere.
People are trying anything they can do get more scans of their QR Codes.  I recently was approached by a co-worker showing me an email newsletter he just received that had a QR Code in it.  His first reaction was “Brew, this is so stupid.  Why would they do this?  Why not just give me a link?”.  I have heard arguments for both sides of this issue, and I’d like to share them with you.

People still print emails (the FOR camp).
I have to admit, I’ve seen it myself.  In fact, I once had to empty out an office that had a year’s worth of emails printed and filed – including SPAM (albeit a few years ago).  So, the argument is that if people still print emails, and they contain a QR Code, there’s an opportunity for a scan.

No one prints your crappy SPAM (the AGAINST camp).
I think the real question to ask here is: If I print your email, will I ever be compelled to scan your email with my phone, even if it’s in your signature?  This argument comes from people who feel strong that print is dead, and that email is digital and should stay digital.

You can scan a QR Code on your monitor (the FOR camp).
For those avid QR Code users, the belief is that there is the opportunity to scan from your monitor to your phone.  I’ve seen good implementation of this.  Websites reviewing mobile applications are a perfect time to include a QR Code for quick download access to the app.  I recently installed Mobile Barcoder for Firefox, which lets me take a webpage from my computer with me when I have to quickly switch from desktop to mobile.

I read email ON my phone (the AGAINST camp).
I don’t know about you, but I tend to read emails on the same device I would use to scan QR Codes.  My emails usually get stripped of any graphics anyways.  I’m never going to make use of your email based QR Code.

So there you have it.  A few arguments for and against the inclusion of QR Codes in emails.  So what do you think?  Stupid idea, or genius marketing?