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Twitter etiquette and how it can affect your business

So, you have a personal twitter account.
It’s cool; most of us do.  Yes… I know that you’re careful about hand crafting tweets from the business account.  In fact, I’m sure that you never drink and tweet from the company account.  I even bet you stay oh so far away from politics and religious links and comments with the company account.  Or, maybe, better yet, you have someone tweeting for your company.

But I’m talking about your twitter account.
Have you ever gone to your twitter page?  Try it right now.  Go to http://www.twitter.com/yourusername.  Start at the top and start reading down.  Now imagine me reading it – or, better yet: imagine a customer reading it.  Embarrassed?  Feel lousy yet?  Think someone else would judge you negatively?

What’s in your bio?
Do you say I’m CEO of XYZ company?  How about Co-Founder, Investor, Angel, Board Member, Evangelist, etc, etc.  Just mentioning a company name in your bio instantly puts your personal brand on a BIG stage for people to compare to that brand.  Think about this – if your home had a sign that said “I’m CEO of XYZ company” – would you think twice about sticking a campaign sign next to it?  How about littering your front yard with inappropriate items?  Get it yet?

Your personal brand is important.
If you suck, people might think the brands you’re aligned with suck too.  If you claim to work for a social media company but you constantly push garbage from your personal twitter account – well, we’re going to wonder just how real that company is.  The word you have to remember is transparency.  That means we can see through the crap.  We all get it, and if you don’t….watch out.  There’s no room for fakers, liars, cheaters, and charlatans.

Struck a chord?  Want to hide?  We’ve all been there.  I hope this gets you thinking…It’s what keeps me awake at 2:00 AM :)