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Digimarc Discover – another qr code alternative

QR Code Alternatives

I look for qr code alternatives.
I’m a big supporter of qr codes, but I like to be prepared to answer  “..what do you think about [insert qr code alternative here]?”.  It’s my belief that everyone needs to get behind just ONE scan code technology for now, so we can collectively train the muscle memory of consumers.  Qr codes stick out, they all look alike, and there are many apps out there that can scan them.

Clicking on physical objects with your phone
needs to become a normal assumption that people make before we’re ready for qr code alternatives.  Awareness and use of qr codes is steadily growing, but there are still plenty of cell phone users unfamiliar with qr codes and their alternatives.  As marketers, it is our responsibility to create and spread this new consumer behavior.

To prepare for this utopia of offline to online behavior,
check out Digimarc Discover’s platform.  During the month of May, 2011, you can sign up for a free trial of their open beta and play around with their Online Services Portal. It’s really simple: make a project folder, upload an image, and give it a URL. Place the digitally watermarked image into your material and convince users to scan that image using a special app downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Android Market.

The mobile experience is still everything.
Digimarc’s Implementation Guide is awesome reading material. It is right on the money about making the mobile experience valuable – something marketers need constant reminder of – using a compelling “payoff” to engage users so that they feel that they have gotten something valuable in return for the effort of scanning an image.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.
I’m not ready to pollute the waters yet with qr code alternatives, but I’m excited for that day to come.  Digimarc Discover faces the same challenges on their own that we are all facing with qr codes together: mass adoption, learning curves, device support, and app downloads.

Can’t we all just shift focus to the mobile “payoff” until we have that down pat?