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Google Plus is Life Online


I live over 70% of my life online.
I just made that number up, but  it seems reasonable once you take sleep out of the equation.  I use multiple platforms when I’m online.  Facebook for delayed “catch-up” with friends (and reminding me of their birthdays), Beluga for keeping small groups in touch, Twitter for social, LinkedIn for lead research, Skype for face-to-face meetings, and email for business correspondence.  I use Dropbox to keep and exchange important files, and Evernote to sync my thoughts between my devices.

Enter Google Plus.
Although it’s not completely there yet, I could reasonably see migrating more and more of my online life to Google.  I’ve already been using Google Documents, Gmail, and Google’s calendar.  My Android phone has forced me to start keeping my contacts organized in my Gmail account instead of the company Exchange server.  So far, I think Google Plus has the potential of containing the tools, information, and people of my online life.

I like being social.
Whether I’m online or offline, I like hanging out with people, making jokes, sharing stories, learning, and teaching.  I like meeting new people.  The bigger the event, the more comfortable I feel.  Google Plus lets me connect with new people in some of the same ways Twitter does.  I like strangers, and there’s plenty of them just waiting for interaction.

I suffer from C.R.S.
I could really use some sort of “notes” section in G+ where I can leave notes about people I’ve put into circles.  Right now, I have a ton of circles because I’m trying to classify people.  If I’m going to start really hording contacts inside of Google, I need  a way to keep track of people – where I know them from, which events I’ve been at with them, their birthday, their favorite foods, etc.  I’m just not that rain man guy who can remember all those details.

I can be private.
With some up front work, I can really work on not “oversharing” to the public.   Sometimes you just want to say something that you don’t want the entire world to hear.  I like that I don’t need multiple networks to do that.  I like the idea of being able to use inside jokes, nicknames, and experience stories with smaller groups of people.  The entire world doesn’t need to hear me give a shout-out to my fraternity brothers, or hear about an event in Milwaukee that I’m attending.

Life online can be parallel to life offline given the right environment.  What are your thoughts?  Have you been bitten by the Google Plus bug yet?  If so, does it feel like home?  I’d love to hear your opinions.

  • http://raulcolon.net Raul Colon

    I have to agree the advantage of just sending a message to a few people is great. I really enjoy the different environment so far on Google +. 

    I am also glad more people are in it which will help with the adoption of it. 

    I guess I have to confess yes I have been bitten by the Google Bug!