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Entrepreneur Survival Guide – Are you an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur might be in your blood.
Maybe you lost a great job during the recent recession and started working contracts.  Quite possibly you needed a change from a company that was suffering or not managed well through the downfall.  Perhaps being an entrepreneur was something you’ve always wanted to do.  Then, there’s always the possibility that a book, website, speaker, or community inspired you to be an entrepreneur.  You might think you’re the only one who can solve certain problems.  So all of this makes you an entrepreneur, right?  Wrong.

So what does being an entrepreneur actually mean?
I mean, let’s face it: that word gets thrown around all over the place, so let’s first take a look at why you might not be an entrepreneur.  You’re not an entrepreneur just because you’re currently unemployed (or self-employed).  You’re not an entrepreneur just because you innovate.  In fact, no matter how large your idea, venture, or large enterprise is it doesn’t automatically qualify you for some magical entrepreneur status.  If you don’t LOVE risk, and CAN’T GET ENOUGH of being completely responsible for the outcomes of things, I have some bad news for you:

You’re not an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is a decision; however, it comes along with some disciplined traits.
The first thing to remember and constantly remind yourself is that YOU are in charge of the shortest distance between capital and labor.  At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility with no excuses.  You need to accept full accountability of the outcomes of your idea, venture, or enterprise.  Entrepreneurs are either inherently extroverted, or work every day to overcome their introvert traits.  The foundation of your character should be built to constantly innovate, generate new products and services, always look to increase efficiencies and productivity, and you should be the one introducing new technologies to the people around you.  In everything you do, you need to concentrate on generating opportunities for profit or reward.

A few things to remember as an entrepreneur:

- Challenge the “status quo”
- Allow yourself be emotionally tied to your projects
- Evangelize and convert others into your ideas of change
- Remember that success is born out of past failures and learning from those failures
- Entrepreneurs don’t always look to sell out to shareholders as an exit strategy
- Achieving personal freedom is a goal of many entrepreneurs

I hope this post inspires anyone feeling stuck right now.  I also hope it inspires you to continue what you’re doing.  If it gives you any clarity, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.

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