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Offline Klout – Secret Algorithms Revealed

Back off man, I'm a scientist.

Our scientists here at houseofbrew labs have been burning the midnight oil. A recent upgrade has improved our offline klout scoring algorithms. Although we usually keep our algorithms sacred, we decided that we would share our offline algorithms in hopes that you may “game the system” and improve your offline klout.

Influencer of your family members
Family is the first item we look at when scouring your offline stream.  Since you’ve given us permission to connect with them at any time, we capture what they are saying about you.  We calculate the amount of time you spend at the office and weigh that against your offline time at home.  Peaking at your phone during dinner will cost you (4 positive interactions are removed from your totals).  If you can’t influence your family because you’re not around – physically or mentally – well, you pretty much suck.

Likelihood that your kids miss you
So, this should be obvious, we know, but many people don’t realize just how important the interaction with their kids is.  Once again,when you life-authed with us, you gave us permission to peak into their lives, so we know more about them than you do.  For instance, did you know your kids cry when you’re consistently late every day coming home from work?  Consistently pay attention to your kids and over time you’ll see an upwards trend in your offline score.

In/Outbound sentence ratio with your friends
Don’t forget about friends.  You have influence over them, if you see them more than once every quarter.  Family and kids are first for sure, but you’re going to score some extra points by influencing your friends.  Through dinner parties and game nights you can  cross-connect like-minded friends.

Just remember to let people talk.  You’ll see your offline klout score increase when your friends are talking more than you are (hint: this makes you a good listener.  Once you perfect that technique – try it on your spouse for some real spikes in klout).

Ok, so now you’ve learned how to up your overall score with family and friends, but what about your offline network and your offline reach?

Our scientists are begging for your insights on these topics (they don’t get out much): offline networking, pay-it-forward, leading, and conferences.  Please leave your algorithm thoughts below on how offline klout might be calculated in those areas.

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This post was inspired by #usguys #usblogs week three theme – “How to build your offline Klout”, suggested by Dan Perez (@danperezfilms)

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  • http://twitter.com/KatieFelten Katie Felten

    This is awesome Brew I love it #keepinItReal

    • http://www.houseofbrew.com Jonathan Brewer


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Katie!

  • http://twitter.com/GabyORourke Gabriella O’Rourke

    Fun post! Especially the bit about usually not liking to reveal the algorithms behind your score… but also some seriously good messages in there – the importance of time with your kids and time with your friends. Being a big deal at work is pointless if you come home to nobody who cares…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Sometimes it’s hard not to be consumed with work when you’re enjoying it. But you have to remember what matters.

  • http://hustream.com Nick Kellet

    Not speaking to people in the real world. It’s call listening. I like that:)

    Very funny. Permission to connect to the family – now that is scary!


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, life-auth – the future of oauth. I’m sure it’ll become a reality one day ;)

  • http://www.willisetech.com Willis eTech

    Ditto Gabriella’s comments. “coming home to nobody who cares” – Worse….coming home to nobody. “IF” Family and friends are ignored “THEN” they may show it by “ELSE” not being there at all when one gets home from work.

    It is a fun post though.


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, offline klout is actually tougher to maintain than online klout. Once you loose your offline value, it’s hard to climb back on top.

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  • http://philgerbyshak.com Phil Gerbyshak

    Nicely done Brew. Spending all your time online is not enough to make any real impact in the lives of those who matter most.

    • Anonymous

      You’re absolutely right, Phil. It’s a very hard balancing act some times. You want to continually engage and build your network, but at what cost? I’ve found that I need to do most of my “online” stuff early in the morning -before my family gets up – and then after they go to bed. Then, making sure my phone is put away when we are together places has also helped me not get sucked into the online space and start ignoring them.

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  • Kenny Rose

    Brew. You did it with this one. It was entertaining and thought provoking and your focus on family and friends is absolutely spot on. We spend so much time online and come across so much interesting people and information it easy to sit at a pc and 3 and four hours have passed. It is vital we are mindful and create balance in our life so we do not miss the important things that matter much more than online klout.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment made me think about using online tools to communicate to family. For instance, I overheard a woman telling someone that

      “teenage kids have always ignored their parents. It’s not facebook’s fault. In fact, she found that her daughter is more willing to keep up with family via facebook. She is the type of girl who would have sat in a corner by herself at a family reunion, regardless of technology.”

      This is interesting to me, because I’ve also found it easier sometimes to txt or email back and forth with my wife about issues we need to work out. For me, I’m able to communicate a bit more precise when I’m not just talking. Typing allows me to retract sentences, and communicate clearly.
      So, maybe there is a balance of technology and family in the future. I’m not sure it’s all bad. People just hate change?

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