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We were ready for SXSW

I’ve gotten a bunch of people asking me what I had expected to get out of SXSW, and what we got out of it, so here it goes…

For those of you that missed it,
our company, Meet-Meme was playing a multi-day scavenger hunt game (see details at our website) in Austin during the event.  We had put countless hours into planning, prepping, and coding leading up to our flights down to Austin.  We had t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, bacon, and eggs (and a kittycat sailboat).  We produced thousands of Meet-Meme cards for attendees, and we were hoping to see enthusiasm about our product.

As I sat down the day before we hopped on a plane,
I couldn’t help but think how lucky we are to have such a great community around us.  Daily we have new people joining our family, purchasing cards, and telling the world about us.   I’m always amazed on the days that the USPS delivers our packages.   I am just excited as our new family members are when they open up their cards.  From Twitpics to tweets, to Facebook posts – people love sharing us with others.  That’s so awesome, it gives me chills each time.

It was super cool
being a collectible game piece during the event.  It was a bonding experience with my team, Andy Wright and Andy Thompson.  By the way, I can’t possibly write enough words to explain how awesome those guys are.  Andy T. had been burning the midnight oil making sure our leaderboard for the game was live by the event.  Andy W. had been working with clients about future events, writing copy, helping plan the Beer and Brat Bash, and still somehow managed this entire process.

Was it a success?
Here’s a number of things that made SXSW a success for us.

1. We had fun (remember, that’s our first priority!)
2. We collected signed cards from new members of the Meet-Meme family.
3. We caught up with old friends (and I can’t wait to see you again soon)
4. We made new friends (so many new friends)
5. People told us they loved us (and we love you back, of course)
6. We got to hang out with Zane and she introduced us to everyone, literally.
7. Someone got married at a Hip Hop party on a rooftop (not one of us).
8. J-Money and I helped a pedicab get tweeted (and then rocked the Mash Bash)
9. I got to see a certain blue haired rockstar and someone who’s pretty much a big deal.
10. I got to have physical conversations with my #usguys tribe.
11. I fell in love with Beluga.

Oh, and then we also got new leads, closed deals, and made it to the final cut for a deal that should be our elephant.  When fun is the first priority, the business part comes naturally ;)