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3 Little QR Code lessons


Direct Mail with QR Codes –
I’m seeing more of it, are you?  In preparation for the USPS QR Code Summer Sale, we need to be talking about how to take more advantage of QR Codes on your direct mail pieces.  If you haven’t read “5 QR Code failures to Learn From“, you should start there- make sure you’re not making some critical mistakes.  In this post, I’d like to focus on 3 little lessons to consider before your first project.

Lesson 1 – Call to action.
Make sure it’s on the “right” side of the mail piece.  Mail gets delivered address side up, and if you’re marketing to households with more than one person living there, chances are good that the mail sits address side up before getting sorted.  Notice the example I snapped a picture of.  The hook was right there, and gave me a reason to scan the code.  Give me that hook, and make sure I see it right away.

Lesson 2 – Visiting your website is so 1996.
Seriously folks – Visit our website NOW! is not  a great reason for me to scan your QR Code.  You could have just as easily printed the URL for me.  Don’t use QR Codes to get visits to your homepage.  Entice the user.  In this case, how about scan here for a free 1 week trial?  The key lesson is that I know how to visit a website, so get me to take some other action.

Lesson 3 – Build landing pages.
This was another QR Code that led me directly to a non-mobile version of their standard homepage.  Way too much information, way too much pinching and scrolling.  You lost me at index.html.  Create a landing page specifically for your initiative, and have that landing page give precise information and have it drive action.  In this case, how about a quick way for me to try that 1 week trial or get more information by entering my email address?  Think conversion – chances are your homepage doesn’t do a good job at that.

I hope these 3 quick lessons will give you something to think about if you’re planning on a direct mail piece soon with a QR Code.  Anything I missed?  Please feel free to share below with the community in the comments.