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A QR Code on a Pineapple

QR Code on a pinapple


Yes, a QR Code on a pineapple.
A few months ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Pelpina from webbeat.tv about QR Codes.  One of the stories I shared was that I was in the grocery store with one of my kids, and we got excited when we saw a QR Code on a pineapple. This was the first time we saw a QR Code on food here in the U.S. and we couldn’t wait to see what the scan experience would bring us. To our pleasant surprise, the mobile site contained a little background on the pineapple, and also 2 videos.  One of the videos actually showed you how to properly cut the pineapple.

This was rewarding for me.
I talk all the time about needing to reward your users with something they can’t get anywhere else. Del Monte didn’t send me their main website. They didn’t send me to a mobile version of their website. I arrived at a destination just for me: the guy with the pineapple and the Android phone in his hands. Awesome. Then something happened.

I told someone else.
I brought the tag from the pineapple that had the QR Code on it into work to show my friend Darby. I love talking to Darby about QR Codes, and he’s got quite a cool collection of “good” and “bad” QR Code examples that he’s been collecting. I was really excited to show this to him. He took out his Iphone, scanned the code, and was brought to the same mobile experience. I said “Oh man, you gotta check out the video on cutting the pineapple”. Oops. Flash video. Broke for Darby, and probably about half of the other QR Code scans.

I searched Google for “QR Code on a pineapple”
and found a good handful of posts: good reviews from Android users, and bad experiences from Iphone users.  What really gets me curious is how Del Monte has completely missed out on knowing they screwed up?   These are articles that would have easily come up in a daily Google Alerts.  Are they just not listening, or do they not care?  It’s the internet!  You can fix stuff if you realize you broke it.

Food for thought: It’s OK to make a mistake, but you need to be listening for mistakes and correct them.