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Social SEO – Awesome spreads

This is a story about Social SEO.

I’m not sure if someone has claimed the term of social seo already, but I’m using it to describe how a small article of mine made it to the #1 search search result on Google, subsequently dropped down to #7, and how I’d like you to help me test getting it back to the #1 slot.

The USPS qr code discount backstory:

  • On April 17, 2011, I posted an article entitled “Don’t let the USPS ruin the qrcode experience“.  Normally, after a post, I’ll tweet out a link and receive a handful of readers.  I received 26 views from 4 tweets (1 from me, and 3 from others)(38 overall to my blog on that Sunday), and all traffic to the blog was tweet-driven.
  • On April 18, 2011, I noticed that I was the #6 search result of google for “usps qr code discount” and also ranked on the first page for many other uses of the words usps, qrcode, and discount.  I received 56 views (59 overall to my blog on that Monday).  I tweeted once and had 9 other tweets mentioning my post.
  • On April 19, 2011, I was #1 in the search results of google for “usps qr code discount”.  Between search and twitter retweets and mentions (10 tweets), I had 246 views for the article out of 297 total views.
  • From April 20, 2011 to April 30, 2011 I slowly dropped to the #7 spot on google for “usps qr code discount”.  I continue to receive 10-50 new readers of that article today, all driven by search.

So what does this all mean?
I can’t help but think about Scott Stratten and his comment that people spread awesome.  I don’t know much about actual SEO.  I know how it works, but I’ve never practiced SEO heavily, I don’t write with an SEO plugin, and I’ve never gone back to edit my work so that Google likes me better.  All I know is that I saw a news article, got fired up about it, and posted something from the heart that I knew would spark emotion from people like me.

Awesome spreads.
This is what Scott says.  Don’t just write to fill space – write about stuff you think is awesome.  Over 257 clicks came just from my original bit.ly link via Social Media channels.  A #1 Google rank for “usps qr code discount” tells me that Social SEO is pretty cool.  When people stopped talking about the article and I stopped tweeting about it, it dropped to #7 .  That’s pretty cool too.  Timely relevance is awesome.

Please help me with an experiment:  go to the original post and click the tweet button and post it.  I’ll post the results to see if Google decides the article belongs higher in the rankings once the digital conscious stream starts talking about it again, each day in the comments section.  Can social media quickly change search engine rankings?  I hope we find out.

*Image credit goes to my awesome and talented wife.

  • Anonymous

    Sunday morning. 8th spot.

  • Anonymous

    Monday morning. Still in 8th spot. This article made it to spot 11 for the same search.

  • Anonymous

    Monday night – a few tweets today and guess what? Now that article is at #2 and this article right here is in #3. Yes, social SEO in action.

  • Anonymous

    Also, out of nowhere, this article now ranks #1 for “usps qrcode discount” (note no space in qrcode)

  • Anonymous

    Tuesday morning. Tweets about this article push it to #1 spot. Article actually on qrcodes drops to #11

  • http://twitter.com/ShanSteffen Shannon Steffen

    Given I’m a “Human SEO”, I have to say your blog post is spot on! Write with passion first and for social SEO next. Always put the human first and your content will rise above the search engine changes.

  • Anonymous

    Tuesday Night – This article still at #1 and the #2 is now the original article on qrcodes. Woot.

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