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Self Published Collaboration

Let’s Work together.
When likeminded people get together, and are focused on a common goal, that goal can be achieved quickly, and often better than any one of those individuals trying to achieve something on their own.  The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “collaboration”, is open source software.

Before open source
gained wide popularity and adoption because of the Internet and the need to retool massive amounts of code, this concept of idea sharing had been taking place in other forms. Currently there is a massive retooling of fundamental business ideas taking place.  You read about it in books, hear about it at conferences, and if you pay close attention, you’ll see it happening.

Fundamental shifts
are happening everywhere.  Everything we once thought was truth about relationships, business, consumption, and education is being questioned.  As we get more and more connected to each other digitally, we consume and create more information.  We spread ideas from one person to the next quicker than ever.  These ideas change and start to take form as they pass from blogs to social media to comments and back to blogs, and at times, making their way into published books.

Does marketing affect the outcome of these fluid ideas?  Some people, through much effort, have set themselves apart from the rest as the authority on certain topics.  As students, we were taught through books; If I read it, it must be true.  Books were the authority via publishers at one time, but being digitally connected is changing this, or has it just created mini publishers whose audiences are much smaller?

What if…
a group of likeminded individuals came together to become the authority of business shift topics.  They could quickly collaborate and efficiently retool ideas, create working iterations of those ideas, and essentially publishing a finished piece based on results within their business?  Could you apply the discipline of open source software to business practice?

  • http://philgerbyshak.com Phil Gerbyshak

    If all of your goals were in alignment, this could work. The key is to have equal contributions and equal output for each collaborator.

    Until you get to profitability, the need to feed the family will trump execution of this “project” which means the contribution will begin unbalanced. You may have 5 hours to contribute this week and expect me to give the same as you, and though you don’t say it, that is your expectation, even though you know I can only give 3 hours due to other commitments.

    Tough stuff this is, and though I’d like to believe it will work out probably won’t.

    • Anonymous

      You know, I actually wasn’t thinking in terms of Monitization at all. Open source developers don’t receive money from the lines of code they contribute. They get to be a part of something they are passionate about, and get to benefit from everyone’s combined efforts. Hm.

      • http://philgerbyshak.com Phil Gerbyshak

        I think it’s an interesting idea, and some would contribute. At some point though, I would think it has to “pay” in either money or recognition or usefulness.

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