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Is every day Groundhog Day for you?

February 2 is Groundhog Day, a day when we watch to see if some groundhog somewhere sees a shadow.  If it’s a sunny day, and his shadow is prominent, he retreats back into his hole and we say that there will be another six more weeks of winter weather.

Groundhog Day – The Movie
I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie with Bill Murray that takes place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania which happens to be the largest Groundhog Day celebration each year.  What’s interesting about the movie, is that the term “Groundhog Day” means something different to me now.  I don’t think of it as the day I find out whether we’ll have more winter or not.  I think of it as a series of events that seem to repeat over and over again.

How to stop Groundhog Day
Think about it for a minute.  What events or actions seem like a beaten dead horse to you?  Do you find yourself saying “This sure feels like Groundhog Day.”?  Well, you, and only you have the power to stop it.  Break out of the bad routine by forcing change.  No one person is going to do it for you.  Change is good.  Whether it’s something around the office, something in your personal life, or maybe it’s just another one of those days when you feel stuck.  Be part of the solution – don’t add or ignore the repeating problems.

It’s time to wake up.
In the final day of his never-ending Groundhog Day, Phil has already befriended everyone in town, and then gives Rita a lifelike bust made of snow.  After a kiss, it starts snowing.  The time loop is broken, and Phil awakes the next morning to February 3rd.  He finally made the change in his life that he had been searching for.  He never gave up (although he didn’t really have a choice).

If  your first attempt at change fails: readjust and persevere.  Don’t ever give up, and don’t accept your Groundhog Day events.  It’s up to you. What are you going to change?

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