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My 3 Words for 2012

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, but a recent newsletter from Chris Brogan inspired me to pick and write about 3 words that will define my 2012. For more information, check out Chris’s post here. These are my words:

Serve. Sell. Execute.

Serve – I will share my learned knowledge with anyone I can.  I will volunteer to help those less fortunate than me.  I will serve my local business community by helping Social Media Club Milwaukee become an official local chapter and relaunched.  As for Meet-Meme, I will continue to make servicing customers our core product.

Sell – I just need to sell more.  I promise not to be the guy that leads with sales talk all of the time, but I have to get around to letting people know what I do more often and do it sooner in the relationship process.  I also have to market using methods other than social media this year.  I have to test many methods and use what works, not just what I enjoy the best.

Execute – I’m great at starting things, but it’s time to fully execute everything on my plate.  If it’s not worth doing, I”m going to scrape it off my plate into the garbage disposal.  2012 is the year to finish what’s been started and see it through.

So how about you?  What will define your 2012?

  • http://philgerbyshak.com Phil Gerbyshak

    Still thinking about my 3 words Brew. Love yours. Hope to help if I can.

    Rock it buddy!

    • Anonymous

      The 3 words are a good start.  After the 3 words, it’s time to start setting smaller goals that align with the words. :)

  • http://hustream.com Nick Kellet

    Talking of selling. I had a cool idea about your cards when we met at SXSW. It keeps slipping my mind. I can envision a product and a channel to sell it (and the connections to test the idea)

    Happy to Share. dM your email and Skype. Let’s connect. 

    • Anonymous

      Sounds awesome, Nick.  Dm is coming your way :)

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