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I ate the best sandwich I ever had

Best Sandwich I ever AteThe picture shown here is a t-shirt that you can buy at The Farm Market Deli in Wautoma, Wisconsin.  It’s hanging on the wall for you to see while you eat at one of the many tables in their deli.  The menus are overwhelming with sandwich choices.  Everything was delicious.  Service was good.  We cleaned our plates.  During and after our meal, I’m fairly certain each of us said it was the best sandwich we ever ate.  Not one of the best sandwiches but the best sandwich.

Guru – Expert – Master – Jedi – Ninja – Maestro – Stud – Crackerjack
We might laugh at people who use these “titles” to describe they are good at something, but for the common man, possibly the power of suggestion is at work here?  I’ll be honest – if the sandwich I had completely sucked, I would never consider saying it was good, or one of the best I’ve ever had. But, since they delivered a very tasty product, and put not only the sandwich but the words in my mouth – I found myself deep into the belief of what was in front of me.

Humbleness is often our worst enemy
Being humble is a good trait – people appreciate when you’re not too cocky about your skills. However, being too humble can damage future marketability.  What if the signs and shirts in the Farm Market Deli said “Thanks, Yeah, our sandwiches are alright, I guess.”?  You would still enjoy the food, but you probably wouldn’t be walking away describing it as the best sandwich you ever had.

Be proud.  Be loud.
Try it this week.  I’m not suggesting updating your profiles to contain the word guru – but figure out how to work in your personal marketing and conversations that you’re the best.  People may just start to believe it.