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Palm Springs Tram – Fruition is worth the climb

Palm Springs TramI had the priveledge of taking the Palm Springs Tram, which is the largest rotating tram in the world, up 10,834 feet to the top of Mount San Jacinto. The view was breathtaking on the way up, and the experience is one I will never forget. My wife and I climbed through 5 climate zones on our way up, and we were able to watch the moon rise over the lit up city of Palm Springs.

The Palm Springs Tram trip
was amazing for sure, but the story on how this “eighth wonder of the world” was built is motivating. In 1935, an electrical engineer named Francis F. Crocker had a vision. He enjoyed hiking up Mount San Jacinto in the hot summers because of how much cooler it was as you climbed up the mountain. He wanted to share this experience with everyone he met. As he climbed with his friend Carl Barkow, a local newspaper publisher in Palm Springs, he shared his vision: to build a tram system that would let everyone “go where it’s nice and cool” at any time.

Back in 1935, everyone thought Crocker was off his rocker, and his idea was dubbed “Crocker’s Folley”. But Crocker kept pushing his vision forward. It took him 15 years of difficult work and hardships, but by 1950 he had raised $8.5 million in private bonds which paid 5 1/2% in interest (these were finally paid off in full by 1996). In July 1961 construction on his dream began, and in Septmember of 1963 it was completed.

Since the first Palm Springs Tram ride in 1963,
over 12 million people have rode to the top of the mountain and back down again. Because Crocker never gave up, and kept pushing his vision forward, millions of people have been able to benefit by “going where it’s nice and cool” while visiting Palm Springs. I’m glad that there are people like Crocker. I was able to experience something amazing while traveling, all because Crocker didn’t give up on his vision of the Palm Springs Tram.

I hope this story about Crocker inspires you to keep pushing your vision forward. Got any other awesome fruition examples to share? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below :)

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