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When your brand talks back

I don’t care whether you’re a Twitter newbie, or a Twitter veteran: it’s an AWESOME feeling when a brand “tweets” you in 140 characters or less. I’m not just talking about fielding your complaints either, although that’s important too. When you mention a brand and that brand talks back to you, it makes you feel good.

Let me break it down for you…
We’re talking about one-to-one communication. The print industry has understood the value of this for some time. The more personalized you make the piece of direct mail you send, the higher the response rates you’re going to receive. I’m not talking about a fancy mail-merge-Dear-John-letter either. You can swap out images and paragraphs based on your data. This is all the good practice that we do on the web, in email marketing, and in print. If you can master the art of one-to-one communications, your messaging seems as if it was just a personal note meant for one person.

Just don’t look like a machine…
See, the more your business can communicate like a human, instead of a robotic marketing machine, the better off you’re going to be.  When someone says they are flying on your airline – thank them for flying and wish them a safe flight.  When someone checks into your restaurant and Tweets out to their friends – welcome them and suggest a sandwich.  Do what you would do if you saw a note from your best friend come across your screen.

Be a friend.
I’m not going to lie to you: it’s a ton of hard work to communicate one-to-one with your audience.  But if we strip away the technology for just a second, it should be obvious to you how you need to interact with people.  You welcome them.  You compliment them.  You ask them how their day is going.  You become their best friend.  You use technology to do this because that’s where they are.

So think about this: the next time you’re about to do a Facebook update or send out a Tweet – you can keep creating your commercials that people continually tune out, or you can interact with your friends.