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A Camp Experience You Won't Forget

I like conferences.
They give me an opportunity to meet new people, give hugs and handshakes to those I’ve already met previously online, and they also expand my thoughts as I listen to the range of content topics.  Every once in while, I experience a conference that I can’t shut up about.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me tweeting using the #PRSCamp hashtag.  I may have missed SXSW this year, but I wouldn’t let anything stop me from attending Summer Brand Camp.

Let me tell you about Summer Brand Camp.
To start off, this “conference” is focused on breaking the silos between HR, Operations, and Marketing when discussing the topics of employees and brands intersecting in this new digital age.  This is a “conference” where you don’t have to worry about wearing your Sunday best in Dallas in June.  This camp is tons of fun, but you’re also going to walk away with new knowledge, new connections, new friends, and new a outlook on business.  This will be my second year attending, and I’ve been longing for Summer Brand Camp the moment I checked out of the hotel last year.  The conference includes community involvement (we’ll be going to Bryan’s House and helping kids), a talent show fundraiser (for ProStart), Campfires, Smores, and plenty of sing-a-long fun.

I could write pages upon pages on why I would call this the must-attend-event of your career, but I’ve tried to summarize it in a top 10 list.

Top 10 reason to attend Summer Brand Camp

  • #10 – You never went to camp as a kid, and wouldn’t mind experiencing something like it as an adult
  • #9 - You want to connect with HR, Marketing, or C-Suite people from the chain foodservice industry, retail, grocery or healthcare industries
  • #8 – You’ve checked out the attendee list or the speaker list
  • #7 – You’ve always wondered what people meant when they said “..this one time, at brand camp”
  • #6 – You’re ready to consume content that will shift the way you think about business
  • #5 - John Gilbert, CEO of Vermont Teddy Bear headlines #PRSCamp
  • #4 – You’ve heard rumors about someone wearing a pink dress
  • #3 – You have a talent – like spinning plates, and want to share it with everyone
  • #2 – You’ve always wanted to hang out with industry leaders and speakers
  • #1 – You’ll build friendships that last a lifetime

If that’s not enough, follow the conversation on Twitter.  Oh, and there’s a Buy one get one free offer that’s about to expire.

Questions?  Comments? Past Experiences to Share?  Comment Away!