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What can you finish today?

Finish your todo list

If you’re anything like me, your days are full of starting stuff.  You might use an old fashion pad of paper to keep track of your tasks, or maybe you use something digital like Ta-da Lists or Remember the Milk.  Some days, I find myself starting more items than I finish.  This can be an overwhelming feeling, as you see your task list grow.  Whether it’s stuff to do around the house, around the office, or for other stuff, it’s just a simple fact.  Starting things is a hell of alot easier than finishing them.

What should I get done today?
I’m in deep debt when it comes to my todo list.  In fact, my todo list is out-of-date.  I have piles of unfinished or half started things in my inbox, my WordPress, on pieces of paper, and in Word documents.  Sound familiar?  Do you have so much on your todo list that you don’t even know where to start?

Stop consuming and stop starting.
This what I’m going to try today.  I’m going to close my social streams.  I’m not going to read anything I don’t absolutely have to.  I’m allowing myself only one break today (to watch Kitchen Table Talks Live) .  I’m going to create today instead of consume.  I’m not going to start anything.  I’m just going to finish things today.  If I owe you something, there’s a great chance you’ll be seeing it today.

So how about you?  What are you going to finish today?

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  • Anonymous

    Come on and finish this todo race with me.

    • http://twitter.com/djstomp Derrick Stomp

      Great post Jonathan!
      That’s with creative people, they’re great starters but bad finishers…

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Derrick.  Yes, I’m really good at starting stuff.  So far today, we’ve gotten out a handful of proposals, got Social Media Club Milwaukee in motion, and replied to a huge list of incoming potential new clients.  I’ve reorganized our basecamp, cleaned up highrise, and Anna and I are powering through more work for the rest of the day (minus our 1 hour break today).

  • Mary Jane Sanchez

    Today on my list is announcing the next Social Media Club MKE on February 21st, the http://www.brgmke.com event on Feb 16th and WOAMTEC Waukesha Feb 9th, stay tuned for details and links!

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