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Put on someone else's glasses

willglassesbig When I was a kid,

one of my favorite books had a poem in it about a grandpa that dropped his glasses in a pot of purple dye.  Can you guess what happened when he put them back on?  He saw a purple sky.  In fact, the entire poem was about how everything he saw was purple.  To him, this was his new world.

For the past few months, after my departure from Meet-Meme and First Edge Solutions, I’ve been trying on different colored glasses to see what the digital world is like for those who aren’t me.  I’ve shared my thoughts, findings, and ideas with those closest around me, but for some reason I stopped sharing things with the world via this blog.  A few Sundays ago, someone I admire told me in an email that I should really get back to writing (I encourage you to get his weekly updates here). And so I tried.

I have stub posts for all of the life experiments I did, but couldn’t write them out fully, and certainly wasn’t ready to share.  Today, I’m going to bullet point out what I’ve been doing, and then write a few posts about each topic over the next month or so.  Here are my life experiments:

* I’ve gone almost 3 months without a cell phone.  I’ll be writing about what I’ve noticed about other mobile users out in the wild (the Zombie Apocalypse has already started), how voice has become just another layer of the internet for me,  and also what withdrawal symptoms I had and why I think I’ve had them.

* I’ve created fake profiles on twitter to study different tribes of people that are not social media experts or technology enthusiasts.  Just real people who’ve adopted the platform from a friend, and not because they attended a breakout session at a conference.

* Thanks to Becky McCray, I’ve learned all about filters and the ability to mute twitter application sources.  I’m now experiencing “social media twitter” without the noise of automation.  Only tweets from people that are online – you know, how it use to be.

* I’ve been trying out platforms that teenagers gravitate towards.  Not because I’m a creeper, but because I want to learn what makes these platforms different from the others.  These are the children born into digital and not merely adopted into it.  There is alot to learn here.

So there you go, hopefully some of this will be interesting to you.  Thank YOU for even taking the time to read this.  Hit me up in the comments below if there’s some specific things you’d like to know about the experiments, and I”ll try to cover it as I’m writing :)