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The Be The Change for YOU Challenge. #BTC4You

The Be The Change for YOU Challenge. #BTC4You

We all could use change in our lives.  Change is difficult, even when it’s for the best.  Habits are easy, but unfortunately most of us don’t have enough good habits.  And, when our busy lives get too busy, we take on even more bad habits, because there are other things that need to get done.  We don’t have enough time for ourselves, for our families, and for our significant others.

We tell ourselves “I’ll start exercising as soon as this big project is over.”  Then the next big project hits.  We say “I just don’t have time to eat healthy.  My body can take it.  It’s no big deal.”  We kid ourselves about the amount of sleep we actually need to stay ultra productive.  We skip the planning processes so there’s more time to work.  We just keep pushing,  until something dramatic happens to us or someone we care about.

But why wait?  Why not change now?  Why not take care of ourselves and our families first, and then give our attention over to the grind?

I’m going to start now.  I invite you to join me.

The Be The Change for YOU Challenge. #BTC4You

STEP 1: Make a bucket list of the things that you commit to doing in 30 days for YOU. Things you know that you need to do for yourself, your health, your well being and overall happiness. (You can do anything for 30 days and it takes that long to form a habit)

STEP 2: Post the bucket list on a blog titled: The Be The Change For YOU 30 Day Challenge #BTC4You (Posting it publicly holds you accountable and can inspire others to join the challenge)

STEP 3: Share the blog on Twitter using #BTC4You and on your Facebook wall tagging (Be The Change Revolutions). Invite others to join in the challenge.

STEP 4: Everyday, follow the hashtag #BTC4You twitter stream. Share what you are doing that day to “Be The Change for YOU” and then encourage others that are taking the challenge. On Facebook You can tag and engage on the Be The Change Revolutions Facebook Page. (The support of a community makes us a zillion times stronger)

My #BTC4You 30 Day Bucket List

Start every day with a green veggies and fruit smoothie

Start every day with 30 minutes of Yoga

Start every day with a “weigh-in” – drop 10 pounds in 30 days

Give up alcohol for 30 days (Sorry St. Patty)

Schedule one hour every day during daylight for my children

Concentrate on eating light and eating healthy

Take the furthest parking spot

Spend 30 minutes a day with my lynda.com membership


I’m being the change for me, for my family, and for you. I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to do the same.

Hat tip to @sexythinker for starting this movement.
Here is a list of other’s who are taking this challenge:
(Please let me know if you are too in the comments and I will add you)

  • Lisa

    Add me to the list … http://brandingitsallaboutme.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/the-be-the-change-for-you-challenge-btc4you/

    • http://www.houseofbrew.com/ Jonathan Brewer

      You got it!  Thanks Lisa!

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