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SHRM Kickball and No Kid Hungry


Everyone benefits when you “do good” for someone.  First of all, the person you are “doing good” for benefits.  Next, you generally feel good about it.  Finally, by telling the story of what just happened, you inspire others.

And sometimes, your actions can help change someone’s life.
et me tell you a story…

A few years ago, I attended Summer Brand Camp for the very first time.  This “conference” changed my life in so many ways, but the biggest impact it has had on me is my passion for helping an initiative called No Kid Hungry (and telling people about it).  You see, this conference started with a service event.  I had never really done much service work, especially with a big group of strangers. I met some great people while doing good for others.  That group of people all had a common cause they were passionate about which was ending childhood hunger in America.

Fast forward a bit.  I meet this great guy Dwane Lay.  I participate in a field hockey fund raiser last year for SHRM.  This year?  Dwane has cooked up something AWESOME.  On Sunday, June 16th, Dovetail Software (where Dwane works) and Dice will be sponsoring SHRM Kickball 2013 to benefit the No Kid Hungry campaign.  We will be playing in Grant Park in Chicago, and have an all-star list of social media personalities making up the rosters.

We have a target of $5,000.  I’ve helped many people in reaching their fund raising goals, so I have no problem asking for your help (because who wouldn’t want to end childhood hunger in America, right?)  Could you help with a few bucks at my fundraising page?

No Kid Hungry connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. The campaign also engages the public to make ending childhood hunger a national priority.  This year, more than 16 million children in America will face hunger. That’s one in five. NKH is working to connect hungry kids with the food they need to grow and thrive.

Every dollar you donate will make a huge impact for kids. In fact, just $1 can help connect a child with 10 meals.  Our goal of $5,000, while lofty, is reachable, and will have a tremendous impact!

There are other ways you can get involved as well.  Here are two great resources from No Kid Hungry you can check out:

No Kid Hungry Action CenterIn conjunction with the release of the documentary,  A Place At The Table, NKH has developed a national Action Center where you can find ways to make an immediate impact in your communities. Their founder and Executive Director, Billy Shore, and National Spokesman Jeff Bridges are both featured in A Place At The Table, and the Action Center is a how they help supporters who are ready to act. If you’re passionate about ending hunger like we are, I hope you’ll see the film with some friends, and find actions to take in your area.

Crowdsourced School Breakfast Map: NKH recently released a study showing that kids who eat school breakfast miss less school, do better on standardized tests and are more likely to graduate from high school. They have created a Breakfast Changes Lives infographic that shows the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. But far too few schools are offering breakfast programs that effectively reach kids who need them. So they have created a map of 115,000 public, private and charter schools across the U.S. and are looking for our supporters to call their local school and help map an unprecedented look at school breakfast in America. They reached their goal of mapping 10,000 schools by March 31, and we have 20,000 schools in our sights. Please consider calling your local school and writing about your findings and experience.

Thank YOU.  You are Awesome for helping AND passing this on.


P.S. – Here are some other people inspired to write about their stories.

  • Joni Thomas Doolin

    Jonathan this post made my heart sing! Your passion for #NoKidHungry and making a difference is real leadership. Thank you for including the Summer Brand Camp connection, along with your connection to Dwane. It makes it all worth while, and makes me so proud of the tribe. You ROCK!

  • groce56345

    Nice life changing story, thanks author to sharing this story for us. We are eagerly waiting this story for refresh our mind. This helps us very much.