SHRM Kickball and No Kid Hungry

Everyone benefits when you “do good” for someone.  First of all, the person you are “doing good” for benefits.  Next, you generally feel good about it.  Finally, by telling the story of what just happened, you inspire others. And sometimes, your actions can help change someone’s life. Let me tell you a story… A few [...]

Self Published Collaboration

Let’s Work together. When likeminded people get together, and are focused on a common goal, that goal can be achieved quickly, and often better than any one of those individuals trying to achieve something on their own.  The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “collaboration”, is open source software. Before open [...]

How was our customer service

  I recently return a rented car from a trip down to Indianapolis for the 2011 HR Indiana Conference that we attended.  When approached by the guy who handles the car return at my local Enterprise Rent-a-car, I was a bit taken back by the first question I was hit with.  It wasn’t “How was [...]

Social SEO – Awesome spreads

This is a story about Social SEO. I’m not sure if someone has claimed the term of social seo already, but I’m using it to describe how a small article of mine made it to the #1 search search result on Google, subsequently dropped down to #7, and how I’d like you to help me [...]

21st Century Leaders – Give power to your people

The backstory: Over the Christmas break, my family went bowling to celebrate my sister and bro-in-law’s anniversary. A great lunch special : free shoes and a game of bowling. My sister asked if we could bowl an additional game and the guy pointed out that it was going to be extra, but mom agreed. The [...]

Entrepreneur Survival Guide – Everyone needs to grind

Avoiding burn out is one of the hardest things to do when you’re starting a new venture.  If you’re in the middle of a few other ventures, have kids, a full time job, travel, and volunteer your time to other organizations, you are most likely burning the candle from both ends.  So how do you [...]

The #custserv mumble heard around the world.

I hate publicly complaining. In fact, I’m on of those guys that won’t even send my steak back if it’s too dry.  I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  But the other day I accidentally complained on Twitter. I say accidentally complained because it wasn’t meant for the entire world. I was at the [...]