It's time to put a stop to children being hungry

We read and hear about it ALL the time: Be a giver.  Give till it hurts. In the past, I thought that donating a tweet was good enough.  I thought writing a blog post would cut it.  Then I realized that even giving $5 helped an organization get closer to a finish line. Today, I [...]

What can you finish today?

If you’re anything like me, your days are full of starting stuff.  You might use an old fashion pad of paper to keep track of your tasks, or maybe you use something digital like Ta-da Lists or Remember the Milk.  Some days, I find myself starting more items than I finish.  This can be an [...]

A few (or 6) ways to capture creative ideas

I was chatting with a group of community managers last week in the Community Manager Hangout hosted by Tim McDonald and the topic of creativity came up.  We discussed whether or not you had to be creative as a community manager and also where the best content ideas come from.  Everyone had some great tips and [...]

Palm Springs Tram – Fruition is worth the climb

I had the priveledge of taking the Palm Springs Tram, which is the largest rotating tram in the world, up 10,834 feet to the top of Mount San Jacinto. The view was breathtaking on the way up, and the experience is one I will never forget. My wife and I climbed through 5 climate zones [...]

How to spy on the success of links

Have you ever seen a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn that starts with or ?  If your QR Code scanner shows you the URL of the code you just scanned, you might have noticed a shortened URL there too. I’ve seen shortened URLs used in books, on posters, and even a business card. [...]

I ate the best sandwich I ever had

The picture shown here is a t-shirt that you can buy at The Farm Market Deli in Wautoma, Wisconsin.  It’s hanging on the wall for you to see while you eat at one of the many tables in their deli.  The menus are overwhelming with sandwich choices.  Everything was delicious.  Service was good.  We cleaned [...]

Is every day Groundhog Day for you?

February 2 is Groundhog Day, a day when we watch to see if some groundhog somewhere sees a shadow.  If it’s a sunny day, and his shadow is prominent, he retreats back into his hole and we say that there will be another six more weeks of winter weather. Groundhog Day – The Movie I’m [...]

Entrepreneur Survival Guide – Are you an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur might be in your blood. Maybe you lost a great job during the recent recession and started working contracts.  Quite possibly you needed a change from a company that was suffering or not managed well through the downfall.  Perhaps being an entrepreneur was something you’ve always wanted to do.  Then, there’s always [...]

Entrepreneur Survival Guide – Never underestimate the power of starting

  Finish your broccoli. We spend a major portion of our lives being told to finish things. We’re told not to quit. Just 2 more bites. Just 1 more step. There’s certainly times when finishing is the right thing, but what about starting? I’ve always wanted to __________ . What’s stopping you, other than starting? [...]