A few (or 6) ways to capture creative ideas

I was chatting with a group of community managers last week in the Community Manager Hangout hosted by Tim McDonald and the topic of creativity came up.  We discussed whether or not you had to be creative as a community manager and also where the best content ideas come from.  Everyone had some great tips and [...]

Social good starts with you and me

  I’ve fed a hungry person. I’ve seen someone with a sign saying they were homeless and hungry, driven to McDonalds, bought some food and brought it back.  I’ve given money to complete strangers who ask for change.   I’ve donated clothes for people who need it.  I’ve given someone a ride. I’ve retweeted stuff. [...]

The secret to building a social community

Building a social community takes time and is not an easy thing to do.  There is power in a group of like minded people gathered together around a purpose.  When you can get them to interact offline, and then naturally continue to interact online, you’ve accomplished something special.  So what’s the secret?  Let me enlighten [...]