When your brand talks back

I don’t care whether you’re a Twitter newbie, or a Twitter veteran: it’s an AWESOME feeling when a brand “tweets” you in 140 characters or less. I’m not just talking about fielding your complaints either, although that’s important too. When you mention a brand and that brand talks back to you, it makes you feel [...]

How to spy on the success of links

Have you ever seen a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn that starts with bit.ly or j.mp ?  If your QR Code scanner shows you the URL of the code you just scanned, you might have noticed a shortened URL there too. I’ve seen shortened URLs used in books, on posters, and even a business card. [...]

My 3 Words for 2012

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, but a recent newsletter from Chris Brogan inspired me to pick and write about 3 words that will define my 2012. For more information, check out Chris’s post here. These are my words: Serve. Sell. Execute. Serve – I will share my learned knowledge with anyone I [...]

3 Little QR Code lessons

  Direct Mail with QR Codes – I’m seeing more of it, are you?  In preparation for the USPS QR Code Summer Sale, we need to be talking about how to take more advantage of QR Codes on your direct mail pieces.  If you haven’t read “5 QR Code failures to Learn From“, you should [...]

Don't let the USPS ruin the qrcode experience

The USPS will be offering a special 3% discount in July and August for mailers who include a two-dimensional barcode on a letter or flat according to James Cartledge, from Post&Parcel.  The USPS is hoping the summer “sale” will highlight that technologies like QRCodes on physical mailings can help boost traditional direct mail response rates. This [...]

If you stop advertising will people stop buying?

Driving on a Sunday morning, I noticed billboards advertising products that I enjoy.  Taking more notice, I was amazed at how many billboards I have trained myself to ignore on the path of my common routes.  The highways are littered with old school billboards and the new BIG LCD ones. Online billboards are also quite [...]