Delete Your Inbox in 5 steps

It’s time to delete your inbox.  Sound scary?  For me it is a very scary concept.  How can I delete my inbox, when it contains so much important information?  There’s unread email I need to check out.  And what about the files, the passwords, the notes, and everything else about my life dating back to [...]

Stop stealing my time with your poor email etiquette

  If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely tired of spending too much of your day sifting through pointless emails. Email is not an effective chat program, bulletin board, water cooler, and the reply-all is just plain abused. And don’t get me started on the URGENT flag that you attach to every single email you [...]

Did you just add a QR Code in an email

It’s happening: QR Codes are everywhere. People are trying anything they can do get more scans of their QR Codes.  I recently was approached by a co-worker showing me an email newsletter he just received that had a QR Code in it.  His first reaction was “Brew, this is so stupid.  Why would they do [...]