How to spy on the success of links

Have you ever seen a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn that starts with or ?  If your QR Code scanner shows you the URL of the code you just scanned, you might have noticed a shortened URL there too. I’ve seen shortened URLs used in books, on posters, and even a business card. [...]

USPS QR Code Discount 2012 – Doing it right this year

On March 26th, 2012 the USPS announced a QR Code Discount for 2012, and this year, I think they have the right idea.  According to their press release, they felt that although the 2011 promotion was a success to make people aware of QR Codes, this year is all about creating effective campaigns and they are [...]

One mistake can ruin a QR Code experience

When a campaign is not fully tested, it can completely destroy the experience for some or all of the people who experience the campaign.  Today, I decided to scan a QR Code located on the front of the to-go bag from a burger franchise.  I was impressed – there was a decent call to action, [...]

QR Code Experiences on Facebook

Yesterday, Denso ADC created a Constant Contact Social Campaign where they announced their “new” Facebook page.  Denso ADC is the Americas sales arm of DENSO Wave Incorporated, inventor of the QR Code® and created their Facebook account November 29, 2011.  Although they have been posting examples of QR Codes here and there, activity on posts picked up [...]

My Top 10 QR Code Rules

1. Forget the code – plan the experience. The #1 thing you need to consider is the full experience.  Plan out the entire cycle of how someone is going to interact with your QR Code.  This starts with testing the live code you produced and ends with you being compelled to take action, and then [...]

3 Little QR Code lessons

  Direct Mail with QR Codes – I’m seeing more of it, are you?  In preparation for the USPS QR Code Summer Sale, we need to be talking about how to take more advantage of QR Codes on your direct mail pieces.  If you haven’t read “5 QR Code failures to Learn From“, you should [...]

Did you just add a QR Code in an email

It’s happening: QR Codes are everywhere. People are trying anything they can do get more scans of their QR Codes.  I recently was approached by a co-worker showing me an email newsletter he just received that had a QR Code in it.  His first reaction was “Brew, this is so stupid.  Why would they do [...]

5 Qr Code Failures To Learn From

  I found this half page advertisement in an in-flight magazine.  Hopefully I’ve blurred out enough so that you can only recognize the brand if it was your ad.  This advertisement has a few problems, but the biggest problem was that the qr code would not scan at all.  In fact, I was only able [...]

Digimarc Discover – another qr code alternative

I look for qr code alternatives. I’m a big supporter of qr codes, but I like to be prepared to answer  “..what do you think about [insert qr code alternative here]?”.  It’s my belief that everyone needs to get behind just ONE scan code technology for now, so we can collectively train the muscle memory [...]

Social SEO – Awesome spreads

This is a story about Social SEO. I’m not sure if someone has claimed the term of social seo already, but I’m using it to describe how a small article of mine made it to the #1 search search result on Google, subsequently dropped down to #7, and how I’d like you to help me [...]