A Camp Experience You Won't Forget

I like conferences. They give me an opportunity to meet new people, give hugs and handshakes to those I’ve already met previously online, and they also expand my thoughts as I listen to the range of content topics.  Every once in while, I experience a conference that I can’t shut up about.  If you follow [...]

The day Twitter was down

Today, starting at about 11:03 AM CST (and for a little over an hour), Twitter was unavailable worldwide.  At first, I noticed that my Tweetdeck columns were no longer refreshing.  Then, a series of Facebook status updates with tons of people commenting exploded.  I checked Google+ and there too, people were commenting and chatting about [...]

Social SEO – Awesome spreads

This is a story about Social SEO. I’m not sure if someone has claimed the term of social seo already, but I’m using it to describe how a small article of mine made it to the #1 search search result on Google, subsequently dropped down to #7, and how I’d like you to help me [...]

Social good starts with you and me

  I’ve fed a hungry person. I’ve seen someone with a sign saying they were homeless and hungry, driven to McDonalds, bought some food and brought it back.  I’ve given money to complete strangers who ask for change.   I’ve donated clothes for people who need it.  I’ve given someone a ride. I’ve retweeted stuff. [...]

HR Tech Tips – LinkedIn Updates of Your Employees

  This is the first post in a new series where I’ll be sharing my social media tool tip ideas with the HR professional in mind.  LinkedIn is more important than your resume. At least, that’s the opinion I’ve been reading more and more of lately.  I suppose it makes sense.  In fact, most people [...]

Get ready to help end childhood hunger on June 21st

I love to eat. I love just about any type of food, and I especially love preparing food.  So when I heard about the fact that nearly 1 in 4 children in America will face hunger this year, it tore my heart out.  Here I am, enjoying these delicious ribs, and there are children going [...]

Offline Klout – Secret Algorithms Revealed

Our scientists here at houseofbrew labs have been burning the midnight oil. A recent upgrade has improved our offline klout scoring algorithms. Although we usually keep our algorithms sacred, we decided that we would share our offline algorithms in hopes that you may “game the system” and improve your offline klout. Influencer of your family [...]

The secret to building a social community

Building a social community takes time and is not an easy thing to do.  There is power in a group of like minded people gathered together around a purpose.  When you can get them to interact offline, and then naturally continue to interact online, you’ve accomplished something special.  So what’s the secret?  Let me enlighten [...]

Google Plus is Life Online

  I live over 70% of my life online. I just made that number up, but  it seems reasonable once you take sleep out of the equation.  I use multiple platforms when I’m online.  Facebook for delayed “catch-up” with friends (and reminding me of their birthdays), Beluga for keeping small groups in touch, Twitter for [...]

Best practices – Best in class

“It’s magical.” This is the phrase we find ourselves using when aspects of reality seem to be manipulated – when something unbelievable happens.  This is the best way I can describe the People Report and Black Box Intelligence Best Practices Conference that I recently attended.  Here’s some of the magical elements that made this conference spectacular. Team Building [...]